How to install from ISO (New KVM)

This is only for our New KVM based VPS, click here for KVM based VPS.

First, you will login to our client product area and next to product you want, click Active button
Then you scroll down and under VPS Configuration click ManageMedia button

NOTE: If you selected Windows 2008 R2 ISO or any ISOs, you need to click "NoVNC Console" inside web panel to start the install process first before you can connect via RDP
For windows Virtio drivers, you will want to also mount ISO called "virtio-win-0.1.105.iso". Browse to the ISO during install to select and install the virtio drivers.
Once installed, when you see "Windows Loader" button, click it then click "Begin Install" to activate the windows. Do not click it if you do not want to activate the windows.

VM Management and Config

Change ISO New KVM

If any existing media, you may want to Remove (see 1 above) it first then Save Changes (see 2 above)
There, under Image, select the ISO you want (see 3 above) then click Add button (not showing on screenshot)
Then under Boot Order, change it to dcn (see 4 above - to boot from CD-ROM first)
Then under OS Type, select the type of OS the ISO you selected above (see 5 above). If OS you want not listed, please select Unspecified.
Finally, click Update then Save Changes (see 6 & 2 above)
Now go back, and first click Stop VPS then Start VPS, and immediately click NoVNC Console (see above image)

1. If you already have OS installed, on Console, you may need to Press Any Key immediately to boot off the ISO
2. For IP setup, use DHCP, not static. IP will be assigned automatically by the dhcp server.

NOTE: If problems, you need to clear all your web browser caches, close then reopen it. Or try other web browser, like Firefox, select New Private Window.

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