How to access VNC to install from ISO (KVM based)

This is for KVM based only. Click here for New KVM based VPS.

IMPORTANT: This uses Java (best use Java v7 update 65) so make sure you FIRST go to "Configure Java" program and add the URL to the web panel at Security -> Edit Site list -> Add -> OK. Do not forget to use httpS not http

How to access VNC to install from ISO:
1. Login to
. Click "Manage" button (green color) next to the vps you want to do
3. Click "VNC" button

NOTE: If you already have windows/os installed, during boot, you need to immediately press any key to start install process. so after change boot order, reboot and immediately go to vnc in web panel to press any key. AND during install, first make sure to DELETE ALL partitions there, do not install on existing partitions.

IMPORTANT: VNC requires java and below is done via Firefox and Java v7 update 65

When you get security warning like below, you need to click Continue
VNC Java Security Warning

When you get below screen, click "I accept..." then click Run
VNC Java Accept Risk then Run

If you want to change to different ISO, just do following:
1. Login to
2. Click the VPS you want to do it on (if you have multiple VPS')
3. Click "CDRom" tab menu
4. Click "Unmount" (if you have an iso already before)
5. Select the ISO you want then click "Mount"
6. Click "Settings" tab and make sure Boot Order is "(1) CDRom (2) Hard Disk" -> Click Set
7. Go to "General" tab and click "Reboot"
8. Click "VNC" to start installing from ISO

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